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Hello 👋

Based in Derbyshire’s Peak District, UK, I am an artist well located to draw inspiration from the area’s dramatic scenery and changing colours through the seasons. I am also strongly influenced by the coast and light of Cornwall’s Penwith region, an area I have frequently visited with my husband and family for over 25 years.

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My Story

I came to painting later in life after a career and raising a family. My relatively late start has had its advantages though, as through the internet I have been able to tap into a global network of fellow artists for guidance and advice to support my artistic explorations.


Alongside dramatic land and seascapes, a life-long love of nature serves as a profound source of inspiration. In much of my art I am searching to find expression of character and energy, using a variety of techniques and media to convey the uniqueness and very essence of my subject.


Most at home with watercolour and acrylic, my approach with both mediums is to create layers which provide me with the interest, dynamism and depth that I am seeking to achieve. When painting with acrylics, this can involve scraping back layers and differing means of mark making. In watercolours I like to encourage the pigment to create interesting patterns and combinations. In either medium playing with colour is often my starting point and I am constantly delighted and excited by the layers and juxtapositions that appear.

If you would like to read a little more about my watercolour process there is an interview article with the watercolour blog Doodlewash here.


My hope is that my art provides pleasure, to serve as a channel to enjoy and celebrate nature and perhaps, from time to time, to grace someone’s home.

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